A collection of high poly to low poly 3D models I created using Maya, ZBrush, Xnormals, Quixel and Marmoset while at University.

Check out my Artstation page for 3D wireframe previews and more in-game renders.

Yr3 Final Major Project Models

For my final year at University I worked in a small three-man group and created a videogame called Crimson Kingdom. To help aid our game designer who also worked as our modeller, I helped recreate several real-world landmark/iconic structures as 3D models.

Iconic towers of the Golden Gate Bridge in ruins - Tris: 82,140

Ruins of the Temple of Poseidon - Tris: 5,071

Legendary Randy's Donuts Sign - Tris: 1,844

El Castillo Step-Pyramid in Chichen Itza - Tris: 594

In-game screenshot at the start of the game featuring my Golden Gate Bridge model.

Screenshots of my models in-game from the players perspective.

Ariel view of the El Castillo Pyramid by the shoreline in-game.

Yr2 Low Poly Diorama Models

During University, I worked as an environment artist in one of our team's game projects. The theme was a low poly RPG game and I created a ton of natural assets and trees with variation of colours and season. 

Variation 1

Variation 2

Variation 3

In-game screenshots of the trees and various other assets.

Models created for viewing in an isometric perspective.

Check out my compilation gameplay video of our team's low poly vertical slice game 'Iron Realms' here.

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