Yr3 Final Major Project  - Crimson Kingdom

A collection of concept art, model sheets (blue prints), 3D models, I made to help our team and game designer with modelling as well as box art towards our Yr 3 Final Major Project team game 'Crimson Kingdom' at the University of the Creative Arts. 

Crimson Kingdom is a third-person exploration puzzle game, set in a post-apocalyptic future, where mankind has regressed back into the medieval era after disrupting the universe's equilibrium and causing space time to go into disarray.

Concept Art

After drafts and decisions made on paper, I created these pieces in Photoshop to inspire our project team, helping generate a vision of our end result.

Check out my Artstation page or Uni Blog for a more in depth view of my work from University.

Model Sheets

To bring our vision for our game to life, our team needed accurate examples and guides to work from. I generated dozens of these model sheets or 'blue prints' to aid our team modeller and to help speed up the workflow all made in Photoshop.

A Giant Haul Truck tyre converted into a house concept.

The final model in-game amongst other huts in the village area.

Windmill design incorporating solar panels for more energy.

The windmill models in-game atop the hills.

Crumbling apartment. One of the many teleported structures.

The apartment model based off my model sheet blue prints.

In-game screenshots from a first person perspective.

3D Models

Below is a collection of high poly to low poly 3D models I created for our game using Maya, ZBrush, Xnormals and Quixel. The variation in high to low polygons ranged for objects that could be explored close up to the distant structures on the horizon.

Check out my models in more detail and view the process of how I made them over on my Artstation page.

Box Art

I had the opportunity to create our Final Major Project games Box art, illustrations and logos which I designed in Photoshop and Illustrator.


My Final Major Project Showreel featuring a range of my artwork, for the game in motion.

Check out my Artstation page or visit my Uni Blog for more of my work from University.

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