Visual Dev

A range of artwork I have produced for problem solving in game development both at Uni and my own personal projects. Once I have carried out initial drafts and notes, I get to work designing ideas in the greatest visual presentation possible using an assortment of techniques both traditionally and digitally.

Keyframe Concept Art

I entered into the ArtStation Community Challenge. Below are my keyframes for the Concept Art category theme 'Wild West'. I had just four frames to tell a story in and used multiple techniques to support this, such as symmetry to direct the viewer towards the focus of the subject.

Check out my Artstation page for more of my work plus detail on my methods and processes.

GIF Breakdown

Keyframe 1

GIF Breakdown

Keyframe 2

GIF Breakdown

Keyframe 3

GIF Breakdown

Keyframe 4

Yr3 Final Major Project  - Crimson Kingdom

To bring our vision for our game to life, our team needed accurate examples and guides to work from. Here I have two examples of the technical drawings I created towards the project.

Check out my Final Major Project page for more of my work on Crimson Kingdom.

Intro Storyboard detailing the cutscene before the start of the game.

Sequence Panel I made to help our game designer implement timings of an animation for a cutscene.

Yr2 Winter Submission  - MISSING IN ACTION

Some interior concept art from my second year at University. This was for a 'vertical slice' game project set in WWII called MISSING IN ACTION.

For more of my artwork on this project be sure to check out my Uni Blog.

Destroyed Church Interior

Catacombs of Rome Interior

Check out my Artstation page or visit my Uni Blog for more of my work from University.

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